Do you know if you are capturing every call to your towing business? At ‘Up All Night Dispatch’, you can be sure you are getting every phone call. You will never miss a call with our towing dispatch service. Missing a call is not an option for your business. Let us be your virtual office, we are always up and always a live operator will answer your calls.

Up All Night Dispatch has a proven record of excellence for our clients. We can be an extension of your business. We are a nationwide towing answering service offering all the benefits of a call center and towing dispatch. Following your customized directions, we will contact your drivers by phone, text, email, or pager, with whatever information they need to effectively fill the appointment.

We use state-of-the-art technology and software to efficiently answer your business calls. Up All Night Dispatch is the ideal towing answering service and towing dispatch company for your business. We will maintain communication with your drivers and regularly assess their location and time of arrival. If you are a motor club or emergency road service, we can accommodate your exact procedures for handling calls and tow truck dispatch. You can’t afford not to answer all your calls. We will customize how your calls are handled, to meet your business needs with our live-voice operators.

Our business is to be prompt and efficient for you, our client. Your business is to always be available to your customers. Your customers will be assisted quickly and capably by professional operators who will gather the important information your drivers need to complete the towing calls. Up All Night Dispatch is a family owned and operated call center providing live answering services to businesses in the United States and Canada. Since 2009 we have been providing customer support, dispatching services and appointment scheduling for our clients.

We are able to track, record and report calls. You won’t miss any calls to your clients. Our service is accurate, efficient and detail oriented. You will have records of everything and be able to track the calls to your drivers, if you desire.

When you are needed, you need to answer. Up All Night Dispatch is a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, towing answering service and towing dispatch service. People are on the road all the time and you will be just a phone call away, every night and day, weekends, and holidays, covering the entire nation, no matter what the weather, no matter what the circumstances.

We offer in-house staff support, which is especially important during times of natural disasters, or emergencies. If your clients need help right away, a live operator will give them a rapid response that gives them the assurance that help is on the way. Our professional operators will give your clients the customer service they need while giving your business the professional representation you want. Using an answering service and call center will increase your business’s efficiency, while not adding any additional equipment costs or staffing to your business’s bottom line. We can give you the telecommunication services you need while you concentrate on building your business.

We can handle Police calls, Club/Roadside calls, Contract calls, COD, PPI’s and Release calls. We can use radio, cellphone, alpha pagers, and digital pagers to communicate with drivers and any other staff. Leave your dispatch needs to us. We will gather the important information to pass on to your drivers. They will never hear an “automated” message when they have called and need to talk to a live person who can help them. We will dispatch and follow through to your trucks, utilizing your current communication system.

With our 24 hour live dispatcher services we will email or fax you the daily performance activity, which will include details of the calls you’ve received and your driver activity.

Up All Night Dispatch is available for all your local and long-distance towing dispatch calls. We offer customized service, radio dispatching, and virtual office receptionists. If you are interested in dependability and accountability all with affordability, Up All Night is your best answer. Our dispatchers are standing by ready to dispatch calls directly to your drivers. Call us today.

Enhance you business by receiving daily customized tailored to your in-house needs.